Where did my library songs list go?


Where did my library songs list go?


I've been using the premium for family for about 4 months now. at first in my library i had four lists: playlists, artists, albums, and songs (these are my downloaded lists).


a while ago an update occurred and the songs list disappeared on my mobile device app. it makes it really annoying to add individual songs to playlists unless i go through the individual artist (which aren't always downloaded for some reason) or through the album which isn't as bad. but i really don't understand why i have a songs list on the media player on my laptop, yet i don't have one on my mobile device.


does anyone know what's up with that? i have a galaxy s9+ with the newest updates. it's been driving me insane.


and yes i know about the saved songs list.

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Re: Where did my library songs list go?


Hey there @repeatoffender1,


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Any songs you've saved or hearted songs should now appear in the playlist called Liked Songs.


From now on, saving an album won’t automatically save the songs within that album, so be sure to save the songs you want to keep! This would explain why you're seeing more songs in the desktop app. To make sure they appear in your Liked Songs playlists, you'll need to tap the three doot menu next to each song from an album you want saved, then select Save.


Further, saving an album or song won’t automatically save the artist, so you'll need to make sure to follow them if you want to locate them easily under the Artists tab.


We'd also recommend taking a look at this Spotify Answer for more info on how you can save music to Your Library.


Let us know how you get on 🙂 We'll be right here if you need more help.

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