White screen and force close on startup


White screen and force close on startup


I just did a factory reset and a SD card format on my Samsung Galaxy S (2.2 froyo). I downloaded Spotify from Google Play and when I try to start it I get:

1. White screen followed by vibration

2. Two short vibrations

3. Error message "The application Spotify (process com.spotify.mobile.android.ui) has stopped unexpectedly"


I have done multiple reinstalls with clearing cache, nothing helps! Anyone else?

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Re: White screen and force close on startup


I've been struggling with this problem for awhile and I have made no progress after spending hours with all of the various "solutions" offered on these forums.  I find it aggravating that Spotify won't respond even though I pay $120/yr as a premium user.  Upon realizing that I spend more time troubleshooting Spotify than actually listening to music I've decided this is the best solution:


1) Uninstall Spotify

2) Cancel Spotify Premium

3) Install better music service - one that cares about its product quality.