Who Else Doesn't Completely Like The New Update?


Who Else Doesn't Completely Like The New Update?








Google Pixel 3a XL

Android Version 11


I just noticed, yesterday, that the layout for playlists, albums, and mixes are different, and I'm not completely on board with it.


Firstly, some of it is confusing. I don't know, if what's on the play button is a little shuffle icon or button, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it, if I want to change between shuffling and not shuffling. I tried to get it to change, by "long-pressing" it. There was nothing wrong with the centered, pill-shaped button. If people wanted a button there that could be a play button, then my suggestion (from a few years ago) of splitting it in half (Half of it "Shuffle", half if it "Play") would have been a more sensible way to go.


Secondly, the description is not showing nearly as much, as is it was, before. The way that it was even needed fixing, so you didn't have to scroll hard, in a particular way, just to get the rest to show. Now, to see the rest, you still have to do that. I found out that you have to press and scroll up and to the left, at the same time. It's ridiculous. The description being moved to underneath the playlist image/cover art also makes for inconsistency, between playlists et cetera; for playlists (and albums) that don't have descriptions, the images are nice and large, but for playlists and mixes that do have descriptions, the cover art is smaller.


This is the least issue, but not the last one; what's with changing "followers" to "likes", AND only on the inside of the playlist? That doesn't make sense.


Finally, as I can see, for now, the last issue that I have with the newest update is that there are now no dates, at all. I submitted an idea for having two dates (when the last changes were made & when the playlists were made). Why would anyone take, what was already there, away?


To summarize what I would like to see, put a button that includes "Shuffle" and "Play" together, and put the descriptions back where they were.


Oh, I just remembered something else, I like how the "Options" button (3 dots) were moved down, but it would be much better, if it was in line with the songs' option buttons, instead of having the "Play" button there. I'd like to see that change, as well.


On a good note, the  "Find in playlist" search bar is back. Keep that. I also like the profile picture/button on the same screen as the playlist image/cover art. That's another thing to keep.


We really don't need the collaborative playlist icon readily available. That could go back in the options area. Who's constantly making collaborative playlists?

Oh, yeah. I like the titles better, when they're centered.


Spotify, if it ain't broke, don't mess it up, anyway.

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