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Why can't I download and play an album I own on Android?

Why can't I download and play an album I own on Android?

I own this album:


This album is in the Spotify database and is unavailable to play, presumably because of licening issues.


Every time I try to add my legal, locally stored version of this album to a Spotify playlist, it links to the Spotify database version, making it unavailable to play on my Android device.


I have hundreds of other local files in playlists that sync to my Android device, and as long as I'm connected to the same wi-fi and the two Spotify's are communicating, they download to my Android phone just fine. But for some reason, this album refuses to do so.


Can someone please explain why this is happening and how I can get my album to play on my Android Spotify?

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Bump? Anyone? I'm sure I could resort to MP3 tag and field manipulation, but I'd prefer that Spotify simply play my local file as it's advertised as being able to do.

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