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Why can't I play any songs by certain artists?

Why can't I play any songs by certain artists?







Samsung Galaxy S9

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Android Oreo


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A while ago I discovered I can't listen to any of the songs by Selena Gomez or Britney Spears. If they are featured on another artists song I can listen to that song. Whenever I try tro play one of their own songs, the bar that usually shows on the bottom of your display just won't appear (and obviously also do not hear the song). If I put one of their songs in a playlist and it's that songs turn Spotify will stop playing and I have to tap on another song to listen to.

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Hey there @tothestd


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here!


It's always a good idea to test if you observe the same app behavior after running a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your device. This makes sure you get the latest app version with all necessary updates.


If you still can't listen to these artists after the clean reinstall it's possible their releases aren't currently available in your region. Availability of Spotify content can vary over time and between countries and it depends on agreements between Spotify and rights holders, such as artists or record labels. 


Keep us posted! We'll be here if you have any questions. 

Hey @tothestd,


Just jumping in here to add one more suggestion next to those of @Ivan.


You can also make sure that the artists are not blocked on your account. You can do this by opening the artist page on a mobile device and then opening the context menu in the upper right corner through the three dots. If the button Allow to play this appears you have to click it and the artist will be unblocked. Be sure to log out and back in afterwards so that the changes synch up with our servers.


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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