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Wifi connection fail

Wifi connection fail

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Samsung Galaxy s9

Operating System

Android v10


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My Spotify app won't "connect" with WiFi, only mobile data. I've tried different WiFi providers but it doesn't matter.

I've tried all the regular "solutions" (checking offline mode, reinstalling/updating both Spotify and phone and restarting, checking permissions, etc)

I can play web player on WiFi as well, just not the app. I couldn't even login to the app until I used my mobile data.

This is really starting to **bleep** me off, because its been a few days since it started happening. I've read a million threads on fixing it, but none of them have the problem I have (not that I could find, anyway).

Please help before I toss my phone across the room!

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Hi there!

I recommend you check out this article .

I'm not really sure if it'll work, considering that you've done/tried all the regular solutions, but hope this helps!

This article might help as well: 

Internet and data usage - Spotify 


Hope this helps!

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