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Will spotify work on my mobile?

Will spotify work on my mobile?

I got an Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace processor is single core 0.8ghz  with 278 mb ram, Rom minne 512 and an 8gb sd card, will my phone handle spotify premium and my song list, im thinking about the amount of ram my phone got, is it big enough or do i need  to erase some apps before use.



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The spotify app itself is not very big - nowhere near the size of the Facebook app for instance. I reckon it should be fine, although you might find it struggles multi-tasking if you are trying to listen to music and do other things at the same time
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I have a samsung GT-5830. Due to the breach of the individual profile, i had to update spotify, but it's a trap. Indeed now it doesn't work anymore, because when i launch the app, appears a page that redirects me to google play because "my version is no longer supported". In google play, i should download spotify music, but "spotify music is not supported by my device".


I ask whether there's a solution or not, thanks folks

The Galaxy Ace is no longer supported. See this topic.

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