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With notifications off and not subscribing to "Mythology" Why do I get them

With notifications off and not subscribing to "Mythology" Why do I get them

I am getting very annoyed. I, like many others, do not like notifications sent to my phone. At this point I have had at least minimum 5 notifications for podcasts that I am not subscribed to or follow or have even heard of. I do not listen to podcasts at all. Through the app I have turned off all notifications to my phone but even with my best efforts I still get notified every time "Mythology" posts. I also now have a section "Popular with listeners of mythology" and again, I have never listened. I even checked and I cannot rate the podcast because I never listened to it and notifications are off.

Can someone please tell me how to abolish this from my application? I know I am being dramatic but I have tried everything I can think of.
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Hi there!


Could you share a screenshot with us which shows what the notifications look like? In addition to disabling them in the app, you could try disabling the notifications on your account page as well to see if that does the trick.


In case the app lets you know that a new episode is out, you can simply ignore it and focus on listening to other stuff you enjoy - the app would eventually stop recommending you that podcast and would instead replace it with something more relevant to your listening habits.



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I will try to get a screenshot! Happily it has not happened since I complained.

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