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Won't let me log in


Won't let me log in

What do I do when it won't let me log into the app? It keeps saying username password wrong and then I changed the password just incase but still can't get in. I am driven demented!
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i had a very old original version of Spotify, who yesterday gave this issue. I uninstalled and installed from Google Play, but even error of incorrect username and password. I can access by my PC, but not from Android smartphone and tablet...

I downloaded the app and it says sign up or log in and every time I click log in it won’t let me. I tried to delete the app and re-downloaded it but that wouldn’t work and I also tried going through the website then onto the app. still nothing.

I'm having the same problem on my android phone.  Put the username and password in and when I tap log in it looks like it's going to work then switches back to the log in page.


I even reset my password so I know I'm entering the correct info.

I downloaded the app again from the Google play store, tried all the ideas mentioned here, and it still does not work. I googled the issue and everything said they were banning people from hacked versions but I think they may have messed up causing a bug to block people (like me) who have always used the actual official app. Spotify, please fix your app. Until then, I'm giving up and going to SoundCloud.

I had that problem to, and just solved it.

In my case, apparently in my account it was said that I am in another country, so once I changed it my problem was solved.

My Spotify app logged me out and when I tried to log in I got a notification saying Spotify is only available abroad for 14 days. What should I do? I've already deleted and reinstalled the app and that didn't work either. 



I pay £9:99 a month and I have a 9 hour playlist on Spotify I’ve  hanged my password and tried with email and my username and it still won’t work to be honest I’m very disappointed with the service 

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