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Wont let me log in on my android

Wont let me log in on my android

So this morning I got logged out of spotify for some reason on my galaxy s6, and tried logging back in and it'd just log me out as soon as I got in, I gave up after a couple tries then later I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. This time it wouldn't even let me log in, tried both the user name and email, I reset my password and tried logging in multiple times, and it still doesn't work, anyone have a fix for this?

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Hello 🙂


I know this can be frustrating. It happens sometimes on my device as well.


The first thing you should do is clear your cache on your S6 device, to do so, you can check this page.


Note: As the article says, ''After clearing the app’s cache, you’re logged out, and your login details are cleared. You’ll need to resync any offline music, and reselect your preferred settings after logging back in.''


Once you made this, please try to log in again, you can also try to log in on different devices or through a desktop to make sure this is happening only on your Samsung S6.



I tried it and it still doesnt let me log in on my phone, but does let me log in on my lap top

Hello 🙂


Did you already tried with delete and reinstall Spotify App?


I used to suggest to download the latest version of the app, please try it and reinstall it again from Google Play Store.


Please let me know how it works...

ive done it three times, i read on anther thread that it ended up working after a couple of days so i might just wait. thanks anyways though

No worries, 


Remember you can always contact Spotify Support. They will be able to take further steps and help you as soon as possible.


Have a great night 🙂

Hello, the same thing has happened to me this morning, I don't know what to do, I've tried everything, I've restarted my phone a couple of times, uninstalled and then installed the spotify app again a couple of times too, cleared all my cache and even changed my email and password in my spotify account. And nothing works.... but I can log in to my account on my computer tho... I think I will just wait for like a week and see if the app will work


Hey there, 


I understand... However, keeping in mind you already tried with some basic steps, you can try logging in on different devices. 


You can also contact Support to take further steps and solve it for you. 


We all want to listen our music without inconveniences, and wait for a while to see if it gets fixed can be annoying.


Another tip that might works is to check if the Operative System of your device is updated to the last version.


Have a great day!



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