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Your Music / Artists tab is empty when you select "Show only offlined content"

Your Music / Artists tab is empty when you select "Show only offlined content"

Not sure if this is a "feature" or a bug, but the Artists tab (on Android, latest app version doesn't work the way I expect when I select "Show only offlined content".


I have a relatively large number of albums synced to my device and when "Show only offlined content" is not selected everything works as expected. That is, all the artists of music I have saved to "Your Music" are listed, and selecting an artist shows the saved albums/tracks by that artist. So far so good...


However now I switch on "Show only offlined content" and all the artists disappear, leaving only the "Want to play music offline" start screen. I'm assuming the artists tab is empty because there is no artist for whom I have offlined absolutely everything ever done by that artist? If so this is pretty insane! Surely the tab should show me a list of all artists for offlined content available on the device, and selecting an artist should show all the offlined albums/tracks by that artist? It's certainly frustrating that at present there's no way to list all the offlined content by artist (although thankfully you can at least sort the Albums tab by artist, making up a little for the non-functional Artists tab).


Anyone else noticed this behaviour and think it's weird?


PS Also very, very weird - I can't type the digit 9 into the filter box at the top of the Your Music tabs! All the other digits work fine but typing a 9 simply closes the keyboard entry. Happens both with stock Android keyboard and Smart Keyboard Pro.




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Can confirm both of these things on my devices. I have a feeling the offline issue is just a missing feature or something that hasn't been thought through during the design. The "9" is definitely a bug, I will pass this over to the Your Music guys for you.

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