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adding local files to spotify library

adding local files to spotify library


I've added some songs onto Spotify from the local files section and am finding it difficult to move it onto the "songs" library. 

Previously I had to create a playlist and just listen to the songs I downloaded from my local files/computer through that and I added the tracks from the library onto the playlist so I could listen to it all in one place - that was the only option as far as I could see. 


Wierdly enough a little while ago I realised that all the songs I downloaded via local files were able to be added onto my library, so I did and deleted the playlist I created - this was like last month

Since then spotify seems to have updated and once again I can't add files from my computer onto the main library - no idea what's changed.


This is both on the computer and via the spotify app on the phone


any suggestions?

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