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album view, back to top/sort by

album view, back to top/sort by






(Samsung Galaxy 9

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Android Oreo


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There are two serious bugs on the Android App.


First: when looking at all the albums within an Artist, the app ALWAYS jumps Back to top.

Example: Iron Maiden à if you scroll all the way down to their first album ‘Iron Maiden’ and listen to a song, then if you go back, the app jumps back to top. This wasn’t the always the case. In previous versions, the app “remembered” that the user was all the way down and didn’t always jump back to top. Very annoying

Secondly. In previous versions there was a little “arrow” in the playlist view, where you could choose sorby by (recently added, artist, album etc.) now you have to click the three dots on the right side and then there is the option. Also not present in previous versions. Very annoying.


Sinverely David

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