app downloads go to intern memory instead of SD memory

app downloads go to intern memory instead of SD memory






Huawei p20 lite 

model: ANE-LX3

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

I recently bought an SD memory card because I didn't have any more space in the internal storage and I download more than 5 thousand songs because I don't have wifi at home, so I try not to spend so much data and download music when I connect to wifi.


So I switched the storage in the app from internal memory to SD card, as you can see in the screenshot.


However, the next day after I do that, I don't know what happens but the downloaded songs disappear, it's like the app doesn't recognize the downloads in the card memory or something, I don't know. I think that because when I go to the app settings, it doesn't appear the "storage" option and I have to download everything again but this time the downloads go to internal memory.


I read in the community section that this happens when you switch the default memory storage in the phone from internal to external. So I switch from internal to external, phone reboots, the switch again from external to internal, phone reboots, and THEN the "storage" button appears and start downloading into the external memory.


The screen record is how I switch the default phone memory in my cellphone. I attach it so you can see. Obviously, I didn't switch it because right now I'm downloading thousands of songs and I don't want to go through this whole process again. 




I'm starting to consider buying and mp3 player and save there my music so I can listen to 😩 but I don't want to because it's easier downloading music through spotify
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Hey @fabioulous,


Thanks for reaching out to us and describing the situation so well! Thanks for handing us a screenshot as well.


Please try the following steps:


  1. Enable permission for storage option for Spotify. This can be accessed by going to Settings>Apps>Spotify>Permissions>Storage.
  2. Remove all devices for offline listening.
  3. Do a clean reinstall as explained here. 

Let us know how it worked out for you. If, by any chance, this doesn't help, you can always give your vote here and subscribe to the thread to receive updates.


We wish you a great day!  

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