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audio drops on nest mini


audio drops on nest mini

Spotify (Premium account) keeps stopping randomly when I play through Google Nest Mini.  I have determined it is only a spotify issues.  Sometimes it can play several songs, sometimes it will stop after 1 song, sometimes mid-song. Sometimes after 30 seconds. It's very random. I have had this issue since day 1 of buying my Google Nest mini
After the connection drops to google nest mini, I get the error message from "sorry, something went wrong, please try again later".  I have contacted google support. They helped me determine it's only a Spotify issue and that they are aware of it.

  • I tried to clear the cache of Spotify. Both in app and in Android.
  • This did NOT resolve the issue.

  • I tried re-linking Spotify to my Google Nest mini AND clearing Spotify cache.
  • This did NOT resolve the issue. 

  • I upgraded my apps to latest versions (Spotify + Google Home).
  • This did NOT resolve the issue.

  • I reset the Google Nest mini. 


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Hey @lionhomestay,


Thanks for sharing this valuable info with the Community!


I'll mark your post as a solution, as this workaround might help others facing this issue.



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About a week ago I finally received my new speakers IKEA Symfonisk (system based on Sonos Play:1). I can only say that playback issues have gone and overall they work much better than the Google speakers (only without a voice command feature).
- They sound better and are more powerful (also larger but I am ok with that)
- Setup was more intuitive, straightforward and also faster
- they boot much quicker than the Google speakers (maybe 25s vs 1min)
- although they only support 2.4 GHz (and I wouldn't consider Wifi quality to be good there either) there were no real dropouts while playing via Spotify Connect (streaming via Airplay is another thing but still better than bluetooth in my case). The only difference is : it takes 2-4 Seconds for the song to start playing but I can live with that when there are no further interruptions. Sometimes Spotify says there's a problem and it cannot play but that doesn't stop the speakers to play a second later.
To be fair I did one final test (which I didn't do before) with the Google Nest Audio speakers by connecting them to the 2.4GHz as well. Unfortunately I could not get it to work without changing the location to the speakers. So this also failed for me.

Maybe there is some sort of buffering with the IKEA speakers that did not work with the Google speakers. I really don't know.

Hope this is helpful for someone.

Arghhhh the same thing happens to my Google Nest Audio. Very frustrating!!!

Hey there @lhtriet,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community.


We're sorry to hear that you're still experiencing this issue. Could you list all the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this thread that you've already tried? This is so we don't repeat anything and know where to start and what might be happening.


Keep us posted.

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I rebooted the speaker, factory reset, unlink the Spotify account... I think mostly because of the wifi antenna of the Google Nest Audio..

Hey @lhtriet,


Thanks for getting back to us.


It sounds indeed like you may be experiencing the same case as @lionhomestay. In that case we'd recommend reaching out to Google for more info on how to remedy the situation.


If you have any questions, the Community is here for you. 

Mihail Moderator
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Same problem. 
not fixed by the “solution” given. 
now I can’t even see the speaker when I try to pair via Bluetooth. Have turned both speaker and phone on/off. Enabled pairing mode, not able to see the speaker at all. 
Drops out wether connected via Bluetooth OR wifi. 
wifi has problems because you can’t control playback speed for podcasts which is a nightmare. Such a simple function…. How are these elementary processes so difficult for Spotify and/or Google to solve?

I have the same issues.  There is much stuttering at the beginning of each track.  This happens whether I play an album or playlist through a voice command or by manually casting from the Spotify app.  In the latter case, you can hear the Spotify reconnecting to the various Chromecast devices in the group, then the stream goes out of sync.  90% of the time, the streams eventually sync.  The remaining times, it doesn't.  This happens ONLY with Spotify.  I use Pandora, TuneIn, BubbleUPnP (streaming from a DLNA source) - they all work flawlessly.  I am going to chalk this up to possibly one of two things:  Either, some passive aggressive "ours is bigger" contest between Spotify and Google; or possibly because Spotify plays well with Sonos and is customized to Sonos streaming specs, but Google does not and does not deal with Spotify's streams.  Whatever it is, it is frustrating.  I don't expect a quick solution - especially where Spotify and Google are both involved!  We'll have world peace before these two solve anything.

I've been experiencing the same issue for more than a year now... Tried everything listed on this thread.


When I stream my phone via the Google Home app, it works, but this is a s* workaround. 


I confirm it ONLY happens with Spotify so I'm thinking of moving to YT Music.


It can't be my WiFi because my Nest audio speaker is 2 meters away from my router. I work from home and I know for sure my WiFi and internet access are super stable.

Here is a workaround that seems to work.


1. Open the Spotify app on my phone

2. Select the song/playlist I want to listen to

3. Press play, then pause.

4. Minimize Spotify

5. Open the Google Home app

6. Select multimedia

7. Select my nest speakers

8. Music starts playing without the speakers producing that distinct sound they play when they are selected via the Spotify app directly


Once music is playing I can open the Spotify app again, change song an playlist, and keep listening for hours without the music ever dropping.


Sounds like a Google-Spotify integration issue...

Nevermind, the problem comes back 

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