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buzzing noise Android - FIXED!

buzzing noise Android - FIXED!


Hi all,


So many (including myself) have been suffering from a buzzing sound (or electronic bug) during playback in Android Devices. 


I use a Note5 (yes it is getting old), however I believe the issue is the same across multitude of devices.

The reason this happens is because of "Sleep Mode" or Battery saving mode the mobile goes into, when you are on locked screen. 

My solution works if when playing a song your mobile is locked (to check simply play a song that normally buzzes, while your screen is unlocked).


This is how I solved it and I hope this helps others:


1) On your mobile,  go to Settings (the Cog )

2) Choose Device Maintenance

3) Choose "Battery"

4) At the bottom choose "Unmonitored Apps"

5) Find Spotify and add it the exception list 


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