can't change music on lockscreen


can't change music on lockscreen


hey, could someone please help me? I had a galaxy s8 and just bought a galaxy s10 but since my galaxy s8 after samsung last update I can't change Spotify music on lock screen anymore, in neither of the phones! I can see the lock screen control, read the music but when I press pause or change the music it does not work, i tought it was only in galaxy s8 but the s10 is doind the same, show the lock screen control but does not work when i press to change or pause any music 


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I have the same problem. I was waiting for a fix, but it was not solved yet.

It's even worse when I use it in my car, and the car also can't stop or change the songs, so I have to pick up my phone, unlock it, go in the app, and do it manually while driving.

I already cleared the cache, deleted all data, and reinstalled the whole app, but none of these worked.

I use a Galaxy S3 Neo on Android 4.4.



This issue was solved for me in the next update for the Spotify app.