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can't share Songs or Playlists with "followed" Friends

can't share Songs or Playlists with "followed" Friends

Hi there,

when I try to share a Song or a Playlist with a "followed" friend, the "Send" Button stays grey and it is impossible to send it. I check the spelling of the username, everything is OK.
I'm not connected to Facebook. Hate that.
Is there a solution?

11 Replies

Unfortunately there is no way to share "non-Facebook" in the mobile apps currently.

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That worked perfectly fine as late as autumn 2013. Please bring this feature back. Being social does not equal having a facebook account.


friends tried to send me music, didn't work and i can't send anything from android.


there are lots of people who rarely use spotify desktop anymore, please fix this, this is a bug!

Still not working on android. Goes in and out of

With the ongoing chromecast blockout in mind, I'm starting to wonder if you intentionally ignore these low hanging fruits in favour for fancy collaborations with other companies that are apparently controlling you like their puppet.

This is actually a bug though...

Can you contact support using the form linked in my signature? They are aware of the issue, but it may need escalating

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Filed the bug again there as you proposed. Hope they understand the frustration...

Can't share my playlists with followed friends on Android. Frustrating. Friends don't pop-up in the to: field and send button greyed out when typing in their username manually

It's happening to me too.

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Spotify have been working on a fix for almost three years, see message from @Rorey here: That's a lot of work!

So, two and a half yerash for this current issue, and more for the iOS issue linked above which is basically the same thing. Come on. I connect via facebook, but my wife isn't, and won't, and I see nothing wrong with that. This is corporate bull**bleep**, not a bug.

This is still not working on iOS at least. This is major oversight, as it is not consistent with the behaviour on the desktop app (where it works just fine). Nearly 3 years on...

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