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Volume Fluctuations and random pauses

Volume Fluctuations and random pauses

I've been getting random fluctuations in volume and pausing on android(I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime) and it's getting ridiculous. It will go from being at normal volume to super quiet then back to normal like there's a gps giving directions. For a PAID service, this is completely unacceptable. Before you ask, I've deleted the app and cache and reinstalled the app.
3 Replies

It could be,

if you have headphones it could be the jack that's at play

or, if you have a shared account, someone could be trolling you and pausing the music and or raising and lowering the volume as you can see the same activity from several devices

In my experience this has nothing to do with the spotify app.

No it's neither of those.

It's not a problem with my headphone jack because I don't have this problem
with other apps. And the volume fluctuations happen when I use the speakers

YouTube, Pandora, and Google music don't have this issue. I'm the only one
using this account so it's not somebody messing with me.

This is definitely a problem on spotify's end.

Try looking at this thread,

If you have any external audio apps, equalizer or something. disable them and try again.

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