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downloadet songs lost

downloadet songs lost

three times it came over me, that all my downloadet Songs (2.800) was lost.

From one moment to an other Spotify dont want to play any song and i see, the Button "Download" - that first was green, is now grey and all Songs are gone.

So i have to wait for the next WLAN and load all Song new (may be 2 or 3 Hours).

In the next Step i see, that the download-folder on my extern SD-Card was changed in the folder on the intern Card. So i have to stop the download, change the Folder and start download another time.

May be, that i touched the "Play offline"-Button unnoticed, but also it can be, that there is a problem with the SD-Card or inside Spotify.

I use a Sony Xperia Z2 with Android 4.4.4
and i hope, someone can help me, because i start my holyday next week - and a holyday without Spotify is realy a problem 😉

4 Replies

 Do you have Spotify Premium? Once your Premium wears off you lose access to downloading your selected songs and playlists.

Yeah - all the time i have Spotify Premium

It could be a problem I have with Spotify on iOS. Sometimes my whole library doesn't load when I am playing offline. I have to connect to the internet for it to fix itself. Try restarting the app / reconnecting to the internet / downloading a new song/album to refresh the library?

Maybe you changed the download quality and it started re-synching?

Thanks for your answer, but i never change the download quality.
I ever can download the songs new, but allmost i dont have WLAN.

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