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green arrow but won't play offline

green arrow but won't play offline

The problem

I downloaded the songs my clicking make playlist availible offline. Green arrows appear everywhere. Once I disconnect all my internet functions it won't play. Also if I put the offline mode on before disconnecting the internet, the songs won't play.


What I've tried


-Deleting the cache

-Deleting all spotify related maps while phone was connected via USB

-With and without SD card inserted


My specs

-Motorola Moto G2

-64GB SD card (58GB free)

-More than 1GB free on my internal storage

-Spotify version:

-Android version: 5.0.2

-System is up to date




Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-25-19.pngAs you can see all songs have a green arrow and when you play MOST OF THEM they won't start. Notice that I am in offline mode. 

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