music on mobile phone plays with interruptions

music on mobile phone plays with interruptions


I have a premium account and have been playing Spotify for over a year on my Samsung GT-55360 with no problems. Since last week however, the music often starts 'stuttering' and even slows down. I have tried several things : I have updated my mobile; I have cleared the Spotify-buffer; I have deleted the Spotify-app and reinstalled it; I have set the streaming and downloading on highest quality. I don't feel like buying a new mobile. Does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks.



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When does this stuttering happen?


  • Playing downloaded files?
  • Streaming over wifi?
  • Streaming over 3G?


When I'm trying to listen offline to Spotify-playlists I have synchronised with my mobile. The stuttering often starts when a new song has started. Sometimes it goes away, but then usually starts again at the beginning of the next song.

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