offline mode problem - android 6.0 - android 4.9


offline mode problem - android 6.0 - android 4.9

-LG G4
-32gb int. storage
-32gb ext. storage
-Android 6.0
-Spotify 4.9

Since the first time i used spotify, i was always playing my music from the '' Song '' sub-menu.
When I was listening to something,even if was in shuffle or not and on offline mode, I was only able to play offline song, nothing else.
But since friday, last week, when i'm on offline mode and doing the same thing describe at the beginning, i get all my undownloaded songs when shuffle is not selected. I never really touched it before but since friday, i seem like a problem.

I reinstalled everything and installed the beta app to be up to date.
I only have 1396 song in my library.
I got 2 phone and one computer connected for my spotify account.

excuse my english, i'm a frenchie 😉
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Hey there!


Even when offline, you'll still be able to see all of your music. The songs with out a green icon next to them (which indicates the song is available offline) won't be able to be played if in offline mode.


Hope this helps!