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offline playlists

Since I downloaded the new updated app for Spotify, none of my playlists will remain synced offline. I have downloaded them all about 10 times each, but they don't play offline, and when I go back online again, there aren't downloaded, apparently. I have tried just staying online to keep my playlists downloaded, but it then logs me out, and when I log in again, the playlists are not downloaded...apparently. I have tried reinstalling the app numerous times and have even tried to use the old app again, but it is outdated. Any help before I blow my brains out?
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Hi, and welcome to the community!


What Android and Spotify version are you running?

Have you tried a quick Clean reinstallation of Spotify?


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Hi everyone please can you advise, I’m going on holiday to Rhodes and wondered if I will be able to listen to the playlists I’ve downloaded to my phone without being connected to the internet ??

As a premium subscriber, yes but you will need to go online every 30 days, it it's a long trip.

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