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[playing] I can not play my songs without adding them a playlist

[playing] I can not play my songs without adding them a playlist







Xiaomi mi 5s plus 

Operating System

Android 8


My Question or Issue

In the old versions of the application, I could play my musics by selecting the "songs" tab and pressing to "play". 

But now, I can not do it because there is no option to see all songs which saved on my library. I used to play my songs without selecting individually.

Please help me about this situation, how can I play all my songs (in my library) at once? Should I add all the library in a playlist?? 

3 Replies

Hi, I think what you're talking about is how they changed the UI so now you're library has favourite songs. If you click on the favourite songs tab in the library it should show a playlist you can shuffle. Hope this helps.

I saw that menu and I have already using the option. But there is a problem again. If I only add an album to library which I didn't add to the favorites, the songs is not listed in favorite songs.

But in older versions, I can see the songs without adding them to the favourite list. 

I'm pretty sure if you save an album then it goes to the 'Album' section, so if you want to add an album to your liked songs playlist you will have to indivdually like every song I think. Hope this helps.

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