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"Go online to see menu"

"Go online to see menu"

I'm fully connected to the Internet, but when I try to open a menu, it gives me the "Go online to see menu". According to Spotify I have followed their troubleshooting tree, reset my phone, reinstalled Spotify, and all my software/firmware is up to date. I don't know what to do from here.
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Me as well. I use the Linux beta version at home which is really quite good with searches, browsing and related artist lists coming up almost immediately (like opening a Web page with a fast Internet connection) so Spotify's back-end is good. However the android app is one of the slowest and bugiest apps I've used with far too many "Go online to see menu" and "Oops, something went wrong" messages for a paid service. My results are generally the same on my phone (BlackBerry Z30, Android 4.3.something runtime) and tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014, Android version 5.1.1). Un-installing and reinstalling the app seems to help but it's always a temporary fix - it still forgets how to connect to the network after awhile.


I also get this cryptic error-message. Never had a problem with Spotify on my old Samsung S3-mini, but now after switching to Samsung A5 I get this error all the time when I try to "right-click" a song to get the menu where I can queue the song. It's not consistent but it seems to happen more frequently on playlists that someone else created and that I subscribe to.


Spotify better fix this quick or I'll un-subscribe because without being able to queue music it's pretty worthless.


This affects me too. Spotify is super unresponsive and slow, and that error message adds insult to injury. A spit and band-aid fix is setting the Spotify app to offline, but that hardly feels like a solution.

Yep I'm getting this on my new android moto g, and was getting it on my 1st gen too, since a week or so ago. I'm trying to manually delete duplicates too,so it's a %# frustrating task, given i have to do one song at a time.


Same here. Samsung J2 and Galaxy III.


I'm having similar problems. It started occurring when I switched to my new Sony Xperia Z5. Spotify often is slow because it apparently thinks that it's offline, while it's online. I've deleted and reinstalled Spotify completely, which helps a bit, but not completely. I first thought that it was because of the Sony, but apparently the problem occurs on many Android devices. That's really sad. 


Problems include

-not being able to go from a track in a playlist to the corresponding album ('go online to see menu')

-not being able to use the search function

-very slow (if any) loading times of playlists

-very slow opening of the app

-not downloading of tracks for offline playlists


Often, multiple closings and openings of the app solve the problem. But that's not really a solution.


Huge pity. I use Spotify extremely intensive, and it often costs me a couple of minutes to boot Spotify up and get to the playlist that I want to listen. I have minutes enough, but I hate it when they're taken from me without my consent. 


Bumping this thread because I too am having this issue and this is the first result that popped up in a Google search results. I have been a Spotify user since 2010 and this is the most common issue I get with this app. It happens regardless of whether I'm using wifi or mobile data. The app plays the song, can connect to play the song yet cannot open a menu because I'm "not online" as though getting a context menu up on an app should require you to be connected to an app that requires you to be online most of the time anyway. Unfortunately this isn't the only issue I have with the app as it is. It is slow, the material design is awful and the user interface isn't great either. This is my last month on Premium because of my income circumstances but having tried other similar services, mostly Google's Play Music (still on the 3 month trial) it is clear to see which app has better design. Even creating a custom play queue is easier, but I digress a little bit.


Simply put, here is a problem, and that problem refuses to go away. Like the OP I have cleared the cache, cleared the data (basically reset the app) and the problem persists. Eventually, after having the app open after about 5-15 minutes I am finally able to get a menu open. Still doesn't change my opinion that the app is crap to use. 


Put simply I'm getting quite disatisfied with this app.


Yup I got the same problems as everyone else. I had these issues for probably 5 months or so. I know apple music is doing that 3 month free thing so I think I'm gonna ditch spotify and go to that, and then come back after those 3 months and see if they fixed their crap software. I'm really only writing this cause i'm pissed me off lol.


Like seriously I have read so many online forums with similar problems and spotify support people never have a solution other than follow the troubleshooting thing. Problem with that is, I shoundn't have to follow some troubleshooting thing just to get basic features I pay for, to work. Fix your software, and stop releasing new features until the ones that already exist work correctly. Like why is there now that new shows tab or whatever that is, when the basic software is soooooo buggy?


So anyway yeah best of luck to all you fellas.


This is somewhat of a *really* long shot, but better safe than sorry: does the problem occur more often if you open the app via the widget than via the normal app icon? I'm not convinced of this theory yet, but initial 'tests' give me this idea. Or is this just self centered psychological warfare to alleviate the pain? 😉

I've since switched to Deezer personally but only ever started the app by the icon. Seems to me though that any widget should just invoke the Spotify app (aka activity when programming widgets) publicly. There's no need for a special version of an app to run from a widget. I suppose a poorly coded widget could affect Spotify or any other app that is called to run inside the launcher app though.

Alas, I suspect there are hard-coded timers and strings written into the app code that, coupled with inefficient database and other code cobbled together over time, cause issues with some hardware. Taking the necessary time to clean up and optimize code is what is required here.

If anyone from Spotify is paying attention to these threads take a look at the Plex app. It has none of these shortcomings on my phone or tablets while handling a much larger database of online and offline songs, movies, shows, fan art and covers, etc... Syncing 100GB of content on an SD card for offline use 'just works', as it should, using the same SD cards for 3+ years without corruption.

I can't imagine that Spotify staff are unaware of this and that many similar issues, but fixes never appear in the frequent updates, nor does anyone pop up to say they know and are working on it. The forum function seems to be to allow folk to have a group whinge. We can't fix software bugs. We do pay money though. The money can go elsewhere.


As an experiment: who here uses a sd-card, for instance for storing offline Spotify tracks? I just popped it out, and Spotify suddenly runs a zillion times smoother. Everything works like it should, and blazing fast.


I haven't tested it long enough to confirm that this is *the* solution, but the difference is currently hardly imaginable.


(little bit off topic: it's no coincidence that both Apple and Google refuse to accept sd-cards in their devices, since it's a guaranteed cause for problems)


Update @ 03-14: yup, solutions still works. Haven't had a problem since I removed the sd card. Such a bliss! Such a joy!

Same here, it's gotten ridiculous now. Every time I see the app updating I expect to see this bug being fixed but alas. I'm not sure if it's because I've downloaded so much music that it's tearing the RAM apart. Either way it's not acceptable for an app that essentially has a monopoly on streaming, apple music and tidal can't really compete

No sign-in of a real solution yet?? The "silverstone, go to solution" button is somehwat dissapointing, personnaly 'looping out de sd card' isn't a solution, at best its called a workaround....
Ik stille having this problem.

In a aide Note, it does seem that spotify has gathered over 1 gb of data on the card, while i have virtually no offline musical stores that i know of... What is that about?


How is this a solution? My phone's internal storage isn't that big, so I need an SD card for Spotify offline storage. 


Also, Spotify works much smoother and without that error when I straight set it to offline mode, but that's a lousy workaround as well, so it can't just be the SD cards fault.

I also have this issue a lot, and certainly wouldn't consider it 'solved' by removing the SD card. All I want to do half the time is queue a song, a song that's probably stored locally on the phone, that I want to add to a queue that's probably playing from local memory on the phone. Why on earth does bringing the menu up to do this need an Internet connection? There's no logic there.

Spotify do need to start paying attention to the fact their android app is frankly terrible. It IS losing them business, and if I didn't use the desktop version (a seemingly good program other than an OCD like insistance to update to a 'new' version every few seconds) I'd have moved away a long time ago.


I'm not exactly sure if this solution can be attributed to a kindle fire 7. Being as such, the Kindle fire naturally sucks and so having spotify on here always gives me problems...more so than I even like; like this most annoying message that I got 6-7 times in a row when I tried sharing a song to Facebook, even though I am connected to the internet. I am terribly amazed nothing has been done about this. I'm not even looking for a another service, as I don't like them. Spotify is for me, but when this happens, I just want to trash my whole darn Kindle. 




I occasionally get this issue as well. I store my offline music on my SD card, because my S4 has limited internal storage.

For me, the problem occurs mostly when the default internet browser app is open as well. Sometimes I don't get this issue for a while by "killing" the internet app. But when that doesn't work, I have to kill Spotify as well, which is annoying because then I have to interrupt my music listenings.


This is STILL a problem. I've followed all the troubleshoots, nothing works. It happens when clicking the three dots to try to go to an artist, just a spinning circle for ages. When I try and search an artist in the normal search bar, it doesn't even acknowledge it, so I can't search that way either... so I currently can't save anything for offline use, which means all my monthly data is used for listening to things that I should be able to listen to offline, kind of defeats the point. I pay for Spotify Premium, and this was a big reason in why I did, so this is pathetic that two of the simplest functions of the entire app don't even work. It's been like this for months. I uninstalled everything, cleared all the caches, re-installed and it still doesn't work. Why isn't this being sorted? It was never a problem for me in previous versions. Why can't they just leave things alone when there is nothing wrong with them!?

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