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"Liked songs" playlist doesn't contain all my liked songs

"Liked songs" playlist doesn't contain all my liked songs






Xiaomi Mi 9

Operating System



My Question or Issue

So, I got the UI update for the library, and yeah I got mad when I saw it took away from me the ability to shuffle my entire library thanks to the "Songs" tab.

From what I understand, this "songs" tab is supposed to be replaced by the "Liked Songs" playlist, in which are supposed to figure all the songs I've liked (i.e. added to my library). But... no. I only got 194 songs in this playlist when I have saved hundreds of albums. The songs that are in this playlist are songs I've liked on Daily Mixes and individual songs I've liked after this update (if I add an album to my library, this album's song won't appear in this playlist)


So, my question is: how do I play my music like I used to, shuffling through all my library ? Please don't tell me I have to manually "like" every single song I've already added to my library.

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Hey @Dehell.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The Likes Songs playlists will contain songs you like. If you add an album to your library the songs won't be added to the Likes Songs.


What you could do, is drag all songs to a playlist you make, so you can shuffle everything in there.


Hope that helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Soooooo, I have to spend hours adding thousands of songs, one by one, to a playlist, just to be able to do something that has been taken away from us with an update ?


What's the point ? Am I the only one finding that pretty absurd ?

If you have the desktop client, it takes a few seconds. My library->songs->select all (Ctrl+A)->add to new playlist. If you don't, well you're out of luck.


The new UI is pretty c-r-a-p (haha, they actually censored that word,seriously, get a grip!) and full of bugs. I don't  even HAVE a liked songs playlist, only a Liked from Radio, so all the songs I like while not listening to "radio" doesn't even show up ANYWHERE. I wonder if they beta tested this at all.

These guys don't seem to know how their own software works. 

You can't Like whole playlists, but you can Like whole albums. First, you have to save it. Then it appears in your Albums, then you can choose Like All Songs. 

Not sure why they make these things so difficult, but there we go. 

@ericwrandolph  Tried that liking the album after saving. Still doesnt work for me. Over 2000 songs and only 28 are in the liked playlist. All the albums already have the heart box ticked. Tried unticking it and then reticking it, still doesnt show up in the liked playlist.


Tried emailing support last night to see if a fix for this terrible UI is in the works. They said no and to use the forums because "they look at suggestions there"...I then laughed since i heavily doubt that haha.

Hmm thats strange. I'm using an Android phone in case that's a difference.

For me, I Save an album,then it shows up in my Album library. I go into it there and click the 3 dot menu and I have an option to Like All Songs. 

I'm not sure why they've done all this. It was easier when there was just a saved Songs list that did the same job but more easily.

Hey there @Deadjim,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community about this!


To better illustrate the steps @ericwrandolph mentioned, here's how you can save all the songs contained in any album once you've saved it to Your Library:

  1. Locate an album you like in an artist's page and tap it.
  2. Tap Save.
  3. The saved Album should now show up in Your Library under the Albums tab. 
  4. Select the album you want from the Albums tab. This should open that album so you can view all its songs.
  5. Tap the three dot menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  6. Select Like all Songs from the menu. It should show up like this: Screenshot_20190608_140346.jpg


This should make all songs contained in that album show up in your Liked Songs playlists, without having to like them individually.


You can repeat this as many times as you'd like for all the albums you've saved in Your Library.


Hope this helps clarify things! Don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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I think it is pretty unanimous that everyone does not like this feature. Why would we have to "like" all songs on an album if we already "saved" it once? It should be implied that if we want to "save" an album, then of course we want to "like" all songs on the album. having to do the same thing twice is a poor design choice that should be streamlined. Think about it like this: If someone really only wants certain songs from an album rather than the entire thing, then that person would only pick those individual songs to add to their "liked songs" Playlist. If, however, someone "saves" that whole album, then that whole album should be added to the "liked songs" Playlist automatically. having to go into each already "saved" album just to add those songs to the "liked songs" Playlist is redundant and time consuming, as well as confusing. 

Hey there @xtadamsx,


Thanks for keeping in touch and providing this feedback!


If you think this is something other Spotify users would also enjoy seeing again, we'd suggest heading to our Ideas Exchange and posting it here.


Also, if you're curious about how your feeback reaches Spotify, we'd recommend taking a look at this Spotify Answer.


Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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This is a great fix for the mobile app, but as far as I can tell the "Like all songs" option is not available on the desktop client. Big oversight to not standardize this minimally redeeming feature. Yeesh.

Came here to say this new "improved" functionality is terrible. Fix it please.

How do you add the entire playlist to "liked songs" without adding every song individually on iphone? 

It is pretty absurd - the idea that if you save an album, you have no way of actually listening to it other than manually locating it in the Albums view. I.e. even by saving it to "Your Library", the songs within it are still considered not to be in your library. It doesn't make any sense. There isn't even a 'shuffle all albums' option.

I have been looking for 3 months since you removed the SONGS tab and replaced it with LIKED SONGS, and can't find a way to PUT ALL MY SONGS BACK INTO LIKED SONGS


what was the point of this update other than to annoy your customers?


Is the best suggestion you have to go to each individual album and like each song individually because other than that there is no way to bring back the functionality you unexplicibly took away for no reason. 

Your suggestion is to suggest a feature that you took away? Brilliant.

I am thankful this is available (even if I wasn't able to find it myselft, hence it's not that intuitive).


But this basically means that one of the main features that I use quite often is a quite hard to use. What used to take 1 click now takes at least 4 + naivgating to a completely different screen and finding the liked album.


It's a bit frustrating.

Your new interface is BS. Just add all songs to liked songs automatically or bring the songs tab back.  That is not a fix, it is a hassle. 

Hello, I've created a quick, short script which will query for all of your saved albums, and automatically like all songs from them. The result of this is all of your songs (really all of them) in that single "Liked Songs" location, just like before they broke the UI!

Check it out here:

I think I know why this is happening. Spotify limits how many "liked songs" you can have. Ever seen the message "Epic collection, friend"? This means you've reached the limit of allowed liked songs. I think Spotify has done the old like the album but not the songs because of this. So you have to cull your library and it will allow more songs to be liked. It is a bummer you cannot like as many songs as you want but I have a feeling this is the reason this new feature has been added.

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