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"MY Library" Missing

"MY Library" Missing

At some point my app went from having 5 tabs on the bottom to 4. What's missing is the "my library" tab, where I could see all of my saved songs, artists, albums etc. Oddly enough, my wife still has all 5 tabs on her phone (and she is on the latest version).


This is frustrating beause I would like the ability to shuffle from my entire ~400 song library, but i can't anymore. The Favorites playlist is what I've been using recently, but it is playing from a pool of maybe 30 to 40 songs. I'm often hearing the same songs multiple times within a few hours of eachother. 


Attached is an image of my current app. I am a free user. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7.


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Hello @SniperKirby,


Some Spotify users get new UIs to test out. It seems that this UI as that issue. Here is a link to someone posting about the same problem:


I was unable to find any posts describing my issue, thank you for pointing this one out to me. 


Hopefully I can reach out to support and opt out of the UI testing.

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