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"Old" devices

"Old" devices

I also have an "old" device and just signed on Deezer.
I give Spotify a couple of days more to give me a solution.
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I signed up to Deezer too.

My point is the apathy that Spotify has for its existinng customer base. maybe I'll just cut spotify and keep Deezer.


I just signed up to deezer, as well. I really don't understand why Spotify doesn't want to keep their customers with "old" phones.....

Add another for deezer. Not that spotify will read these posts, or even care at all. The app is better too.

I think it's really stupid that even though I bought the Premium Spotify I can't put it on my Android for being too old.

Hey all. According to the Spotify website:!/article/What-devices-does-Spotify-support


Spotify supports devices running up to Android 4.4.

Android 2.2 users can access Spotify in Google Play but will not receive updates beyond version 0.6.5 of the app.



So, if you're having a problem, you must be in the wrong. 


Oh wait, that information is incorrect? So Spotify is allowing people to sign up whose devices won't work? Even though it would take about 10 minutes to write an update and get it uploaded to the site? Wow, Spotify really mustn't care about devoting even the smallest amount of resources to helping their customers! 


Good spot. I've asked Spotify to update the FAQ.

Thanks, though they were told about it last Friday as well:


And haven't done anything. That's why this is so embarrassing, they won't even take the smallest steps to provide a good customer experience. It would take literally minutes to fix this. Again, they've wasted more time removing messages containing working apks for these people than providing guidance for them. 


For a company that wants to be a world-class tech brand, glaciars would be shocked at how slow they operate. 


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