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"Open Spotify" opens a Spotify site?

"Open Spotify" opens a Spotify site?

Why in earth a "Open Spotify" opens a Spotify download site?


When I use Voice search in Android, I like to open Spotify app not site. What should I say to this phone, so it can open a Spotify app for me?


Thank you.

3 Replies

Why say anything? Just tap the icon 😄
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

Well someones having fun with their new android phone lol


I've set my phone up to start spotify at certain event. Let's say I start my car, my phone will automatically connect to bluetooth. Then when it's connected to my cars bluetooth I make Tasker start spotify + my navigation app and I barely have to do anything when driving off.

If only spotify would implement something so it would just continue playing where I last left off (now I neeed to select a song to play, every single time)


Look into tasker, there is probably some event you can use to start spotify whichever way you want.

Thank you. I choosed a option to open Spotify when I set a headphones to my phone.

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