"Spotify Support" Not quite an oxymoron but almost. Track Order Within Playlist


"Spotify Support" Not quite an oxymoron but almost. Track Order Within Playlist

Gig Goer

NO Re-Ordering of Tracks Within a Playlist - On a Mobile Device.


8 Months...what a joke - and one I'm paying for.  I must have flipped my lid.   I pay for several accounts.  I consider my £40 per month to be worth something, a reply at least.  I trust Spotify will have the courtesy to reply/respond.  It appears rather hit and miss throughout this "support" site.  We all support Spotify - time for some decent response times/activity/resolution.  Now on Android phone / iPad tablet,  Android app is worse! I just don't get it.


So, ok, I'm sure there is an update.  Spotify are no doubt keen to keep their customers happy (many are paying after all) and can give a date (day, week, month or year) when this will be resolved.  We all work to deadlines in life?  I don't subscribe to the "Spotify don't give dates" attitude.  That is just an excuse for inactivity and is actually rather disrespectful to your customers.  Imagine if any of us said that to our customers!  We would be out of business in a week.  So, the update Spotify Developers/commercial people?  You disabled the feature due to apparent instability?, said you were working on re-introducing it (not sure why it takes so long - this was summer last year) and several releases later, it still isn't here.  I rely on being able to re-order my tracks within a playlist  That stopped with an "update".  Another classic Spotify 1 step forward, 2 back.


Apparently Android phone users never even had the feature?  Am I missing something here.  We're all mobile people, we all listen to music on the go - yet none of us can re-order our playlists on mobile devices.


Sorry for the rant.     Lets see if anyone at Spotify posts here >