"Spotify is trying to play..." Notification


"Spotify is trying to play..." Notification






Samsung Galaxy A71

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

Steps to reproduce the issue:


1. Open Spotify

2. "Spotify is trying to play..." notification appears immediately.

3. Head back to Android's home screen.

4. The notification persists.

5. Force Spotify to stop from the app's settings.

6. Notification disappears.


The notification also disappears if you play some music in Spotify.


P.S. I've already tried to reboot my phone and re-installing the last version of Spotify.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping us posted.


Our devs have looked into this and understand the cause. They will look into modifying the functionality, however, we don't have an exact timeline for a fix.


Just to confirm, does the notification disappear after booting and unlocking the phone and then leaving it with the screen off for at least 10 minutes?


If it doesn't, could you please share with us if the Spotify widget is on your main home screen? If it is, you can move it to a secondary one and check if the notification disappears after 10 minutes.


Let us know how it goes.

Ver Moderator
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First of all, thanks for your answer and telling us your team is working on a fix.

I rebooted the phone as I said before, but this team I waited 15 minutes.

The notification didn't disappear. So asking to your question: this thing of waiting 10 minutes doesn't work.


On the other hand, I put attached hear pictures of the widet. One when I'm selecting it from the widgets list, and the other one on the home screen.


Thanks again.



I'm trying now Android 13, and the issue continue happening.

Any updates on this? I didn't get an answer on my last message also.



Hey @marianojurcy,

Thanks for reaching out to us again about that. Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread. 

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and we've passed it onto the right team, as we always strive to improve your experience.

We will get back to you as soon we have an answer. 



Kiril Moderator
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I wish Spotify development was as good as community management is...

Im having the same issue everyone else has described in this thread and can see spotify has not resolved the issue.  I have read in this thread the same issue gets raised by the user, and the same questions get asked by spotify over and over, the user jumps through 100 hoops to give that information requested by spotify; that is doing spotifies work for them, which is absurd in itself.  After all that, when it cant be worked out, spotify bolts from the problem and says their team is working on it, but nothing really ever gets fixed, then it starts all over again with another user with the same problem. Spotify is not a small business and this kind of service is disgraceful. The issue is not a light one, its extremely annoying to be interrupted multiple times a day by an app suddenly blaring in your ears while trying to concentrate on other tasks, especially when one has removed all notification permissions, auto playbacks etc. In my opinion apps should not do this in the first place, it should be up to the customer to give these permissions after the app is fully installed and the customer decides themselves to further customise the app to their preferences, not the other way around where the notifications are forced from the get go. If this is an example of how your business is run, I know whats going to happen when I have future problems with spotify; solution, remove the spotify app and find another one.

Thanks! Yes, it's a shame.

HHRR made a good job, but the problems seems other inside the company.

I didn't want to complain more since I decided going to YouTube Music because this kind of things unsolved, for example. It gives me distrust.


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