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"You can download to a maximum of three devices"

"You can download to a maximum of three devices"

I use Spotify premium for over a year now, and today I got the worst surprise ever out of the blue on my phone:





I was unaware of this limit, but anyway I don't use more than three devices. I checked my account and here's the proof I am NOT using more than three devices:

So all my songs suddenly got deleted for no reason. Awesome.

Please tell me why it happened, and how to fix it, and I will be able to stop having lawsuit thoughts.

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Hi , 

Iam facing the same issue .

I have only 2 offline devices , while online i can only see 1 offline device but of the 2 devices on of them keep getting error message that I have reach maximum number of devices.


I did a fesh install on the devices i was getting the error luck so far


Did you manage to find a solution yet ?

Having the same issue since i added a SD card to my phone, nothing that i do seems to work, i already deleted all the Spotify data on my device and did a fresh install, no luck, deleted the offline devices multiple times, no luck, change password and deleted the offline devices while i did a fresh install one more time, no luck either.

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