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samsung galaxy s3 wont log in

samsung galaxy s3 wont log in

So whats going on is i bought the premium and installed the app and when i go to log in through facebook since i dont have a username or password what happens is it goes to facebook and says loading for a second and then the screen goes blank for a moment facebook comes back but and then loading and then the process repeats over and over again, its like my phone is having a seizure. i have tried uninstalling the app multiple times and it keeps doing the same thing.

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Im having the same issue

Make sure you have the latest Facebook app installed. If you already do then log out of the Facebook app and then try logging in to the spotify app
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I did that, also changed my facebook password. I even unistalked spotify and tried an older version. No luck

Both of your accounts are on Premium at the moment. I'd recommend trying a clean reinstallation of Spotify and Facebook apps on your devices - That might help get things up and running again, as it sounds like the login process is causing the error here.
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