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shuffle doesn't actually shuffle

shuffle doesn't actually shuffle

i'm on the mobile, version - Android (obviously.) I've created a few playlists and whenever i press "shuffle play" it plays the songs in the exact same order. every single time. I've uninstalled the app, restarted my phone. nothing will work. it's very annoying listen to the same songs play over and over and over again. I've read many other people having the same issue, resolved with the play queue - which i also am not able to find. until this is fixed i will no longer use or support the app in any way. come on Spotify.

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Hello @uhohizzy,


I suggest you take a look at the queue. Then click shuffle playlist at the top. See if the queue changes. Also on other devices does the shuffle work fine? Is it a certain playlist or all playlists?

In fact the availability of shuffling disappeared altogether. The only option is to connect to available devices. Has the shuffling option been disabled? 


Spotify doesn't shuffle well. It will start over again without playing all songs, especially in longer playlists (50+, not really long). Even in radiomode ("endless" mix) it starts over within 2 hours; same songs, same order. 


Spotify had made clear that they will not improve this. Get used to it. 

No once you finish a playlist it will start playing music like that on the playlist, which you can like or dislike. This would give you better recommendations for songs to add to your playlist. Hope this helps.

My songs also pretty much play in order though it is supposed to shuffle. Tried a reinstall as well with no change. I'm about at the point of uninstalling - it's ridiculous.

how do I get to the queue ???


no use in being rude. you clearly didn't read what i wrote. it doesn't shuffle. it plays in the order i added sings to it. even when i click shuffle. it works fine on my friends phones and i'm not going to get a different phone just to run an app the way it's supposed to run.

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