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android remove from this playlist

android remove from this playlist

I've cancelled my Pandora and subscribed to Spotify so I'm new to Spotify premium.

In my research, if I have a playlist that is 900 songs long, am I right the only way I have to delete a song from my playlist that I'm listening to is to scroll through the 900 song playlist to find the one song I want to delete?  There is no like thumbs down on the song I'm listening to to never hear it again?

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wow - ok - that was android - now in the windows interface I'm working on my playlists that I've thrown alot of groups into and I got tired of walking through song by song so I shuffled the playlist - and I can't delete from the playlist from the que while listening.  I guess this is consistant with andriod that I have to go to the playlist and go throw a massive list that is not sorted in any order trying to find the song that the suffle happened to throw into the play que.  I'm strongly feeling I'm misunderstanding something because that really makes not sense to me.  Still researching.

more I learn the more I think that spotify isn't for me

only solution I have so far is to copy the playlist to then sort it and put back to playlist.  So far this is too much work for me.  I am getting a strong feeling I'm missing something because Sptofity is popular.  I really feel I'm missing something.

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