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sound cuts off in the middle of a song or podcast.

sound cuts off in the middle of a song or podcast.

I'm using a Chromebook without the app, so just the website. The sound cuts off but the progress bar continues moving.
I was talking with my daughter, we share an account, and she has the same problem. She is using Android samsung phone with the app.
It's really annoying.
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In this case, we'd recommend you check if there's any pending updates on the Chrome browser. If yes, try updating it to see if you notice any difference.


If the above doesn't do the trick, we'd like to gather some additional info. Is this happening if you change the internet connection you're using? Is this happening over WiFi? Do you have a USB-to-Ethernet adapter connected to your Chromebook? Both? If possible, you can create a hotspot from your phone and connect your device to it, to see if you notice any difference. Give it a try and let us know if changing the connection makes any difference.


Lastly, we'd recommend your daughter try to reinstall the app in her device to see if she notices any difference. By doing that the app can be up-to-date and she can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can see the steps for a clean reinstall here.


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