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spotify premium pausing when turning down volume samsung s3

spotify premium pausing when turning down volume samsung s3

Ive had premium for about 7months now and its been like this only since spotify free was launched on mobile. I believe it is an spotify free feature. Please help! Clean reinstall and updating does NOT change this.

Literally secounds from smashing my phone each time
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Does this happens with all tracks or just with audio ads or suggested tracks? What device and android version?

Happens to all tracks.

I have spotify premium.. aka zero ads


Samsung GT-i9300

Android 4.3 


Ah, sorry, I read that you no longer had premium. I found a few similar posts in a couple of the android forums, youtube was also mentioned in this connection. The only solution I can offer is to back up anything important and try a factory reset of the phone then just install spotify and see if you still get this odd behaviour.



ill try next time i get the chance 🙂

Hello. its me again. i have now Sony xperia Z2 .. and spotify keeps pausing when i adjust the volume. youtube does it aswell. but thats not a big problem. (annoying when im driving and listening to music, and it suddenly pauses. Even worse that it dissapears from the lock-screen and i have to unlock the phone to resume) 


Android 4.4.4

Spotify v1.8.0.993

If it's not just the Spotify app then I would suggest this is something to do with your phone. Are you running a custom ROM at all or are you stock?

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Well.. Its the second phone its like this. And no.. All stock here.

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