spotify scan codes

spotify scan codes



so for a school project I'm using spotifys scan code feature. however I just updated my app and none of the scan codes on playlists are appearing and i do not have the camera where I can scan codes. 



can someone help? spotifuggle is updated to the newest version so I do not know what to do


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Hey @Eleniii - help's here!


Have you tried a clean reinstall of the app on your phone? That tends to do the trick.


If that doesn't work, could you send us the Spotify version you're on, as well as a screenshot to show us the missing option? We'll take a closer look 😉


Thanks - keep us posted!


I reinstalled the app and now the spotify scan codes appear under my songs and playlists 


However i still haven't got the option to open the in-app camera to scan codes.

Im am running the latest version of the app which is 


 please help!


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