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synchronization problem htc tatto

synchronization problem htc tatto



Since a few days, I can't listen the music that I synchronized on my mobile.

Also, from time to time, when launching the app, I get a pop up telling me that my 30 trial days have expired (I am a premium member). On top of that, I can synchronize my mobile and my computer. It is very annoying. When reading comments on android market, it seems that I am not the only one experiencing those kind of problems.


Best regards,



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Hello Sebastian,

I've taken a look at your account. Your premium does appear to be working just fine - Ensure that you are logging in with your "" email address on both devices.

On your Android device, after getting the message, does it automatically place you offline?
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Hello David,


Thank you for your quick reply.

I reconnected myself with cracrabobo account and It, indeed, seems to work better. The thing that puzzles me is that It stopped working all of a sudden, without me touching any login/account parameter. When it wasn't working, I could see my playlists (which I guess, meant I was logged with the right account) but I could not play them, they were shaded.


Concerning the 30 days trial message, I will be able to answer your question next time it pops up, by updating this thread. I will keep you updated.


Thanks again for your help,



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