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text in app too hard to read

text in app too hard to read

It didn't used to be like this but the title & artist names in my app are a light gray color instead of a readable black. Is there a way to change this? It's maddening!!!
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There isn't a way to change this as it is hard coded into the app.

A little further thought here.

You would only see light grey names on the track when you are unable to play it. As you currently don't have an Premium account, you would only see these grey titles on your phone. On Premium, they'll be black, as you would be able to play them.
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This has been changed in a recent update of the Android app.  You used to be able to read the title of the song and the artist when playing Radio.  Now it's a gray text on dark gray/black background, and it is near impossible to see.  I typically listen in radio mode when I'm in my car, and it makes it very tricky, dangerously tricky to try to read the name of the song that is playing.  


While the intent may have been to show that these songs are not available to you outside of Radio mode as a Free user, it doesn't make any sense.  They weren't available before and it was never unclear to me.  I know I am a free user and not a premium user.  Making the song and artist extremely difficult to read is not helping to reinforce that point.  


I would highly recommend changing this back to a readable color of text.  If any other Spotify users are at all like me they are listening to Radio in their vehicles, or when they're out and about, and then starring songs to listen on the desktop later.  If the intent is to prompt users to change to a Premium account, this is the wrong way to go about it.  I actually have a gift card to switch over to Premium, just haven't done it yet, but the reason I'm using Spotify over Rdio right now is because of their underhanded tactics to get people to start paying for their service.   🙂  

Ahh it's good to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this.  I was thinking it was a bug that all the text was greyed out!

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