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turning off new spotify android version


turning off new spotify android version

I feel extremely remedial here, but how do you turn off the new version of Spotify Mobile on the Droid Bionic?  Before I would touch the menu button and then choose to exit. So far the only thing I have figured out is to either log out completely or go to my task manager to exit.  Wow, I feel dumb.


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Cuando instaló la aplicación en mi Sony M2, esta se cierra saliéndome un mensaje que dice: "Spotify se ha detenido" o algo así. Desinstalo la app, borro todos los datos, la vuelvo a instalar y me sigue apareciendo eso. 

Ayuda por favor, tengo premium y no lo puedo disfrutar en Android. 



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Actually there is an X in the top right corner but it is so feint that you wouldn't spot it unless you look hard. Of course, in line with android guidelines it doesn't actually close spotify but sends it to the background. As has been said before, android doesn't believe in closing apps but supports sending them to the background and leaving the OS to manage RAM.
@PaulAlbany wrote:
The play controls in the shade/tray/whatever allow play, pause, and change tracks, but there is no X to exit.

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Don't feel dumb, I've yet to figure it out myself.

Here is no exit option. Android is designed to manage apps for you - just return home and the app will be closed if the OS needs more space.

However, I'd agree with you in thus case - I'd rather not have spotify in the background due to the data it uses
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

so i would need to pause it to keep it from making noise as i go into work?  i use it as my car stereo and cannot have it playing once i go into work.


(edit)  ok, pausing then closing out works.  in the pc version and old version i don't think it did. i could be wrong. 

THANK YOU for writing this. I thought I was going crazy.


Somebody PLEASE tell me:


-OTHER than logging off, how in the heck does one get the music to stop? Before, it was the menu button on the phone and then Spotify gave an Exit option.


-Also...why can't the default screen be the Search screen? Every time I logon, it takes me to the Playlist screen and prompts me to download. I don't want to download...I just want to search/play.

To stop the music press the pause icon in the app - Spotify decided for you there's no need to exit the app 🙂
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

I think this is a really BAD decision!!


I hate it when they try to make Android work like iPhone... Why on earth would anyone do this!?

I want to be able to close the app, to avoid a lot of junk running in the background.


Please fix this Spotify! Give me back my menu, and control over my app!

I hope Spotify fix that. I don't want to have it running at the background with the music paused. And by the way if paused and not playing at Offline, does it count as downloading traffic? I mean i have some limit in Mbps i can dl per month in my price category 

If you have a data cap you'll need to kill the app or put it in offline mode. See this thread

Please post a comment there if you find the same - the only way Spotify will fix this is if a lot of people complain
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

On the old app, I used to set up my smartphone (using Tasker) so that the Spotify was automatically killed when I took off the headphone plug. I also had it set up with JuiceDefender so that data would stay on even with Spotify running in the background. Unfortunately, this new app has rendered both of those settings useless and it's driving me nuts!

A solution could be to close the app if the return button is pressed and held down for a certain ammount of time.


ES file explorer has a similar function, you have to press the return button twice (app will give message about this after first press). I think that works conveniently for that app.

Me the same

I hate this new version, i  dont want to log out every time thast i want to closwe the app , its amazing how spotify has not a QA testing¡

Even if you want to closwe the open apps spot not appear as open tough¡

Crap version

Totally agree, Alfredo.


Amazingly, Spotify's official response to me amounted to them saying...

"Grab the slider bar while the song is playing and move it to the end of the track you are listening to."


I can't believe there is not a stop function. CRAZY!

Amazingly, Spotify's official response to me amounted to them saying...

"Grab the slider bar while the song is playing and move it to the end of the track you are listening to."


I can't believe there is not a stop function. CRAZY!


What's it going to take?


Also...why is the default screen the PLAYLIST screen? I'd love to be able to set the SEARCH screen as the default.

   Googled and found this lot...  Same issue here, from the reviews this has been going on for some time and spotify has been ignoring the issue. Nothing easy about this app and it running in pause in the background sure isn't helping my battery any. I went to settings and killed it there. I love spotify but give them a really big fail on their addressing this in a timely manner . This is an issue they should have fixed in a day or 2. It wasn't easy for me to even get the app anywhere to find my playlist and use my account. I had to get really creative.  I'll give them until it's time to renew, I'm not happy with the downloading either, I have a really large playlist and it will never downlaod fully....

It's extremely annoying!

Use the pull down menu located at the top and hit the x to the right of the spotify thumbnail

If you mean the notification area, I think that just closes the notification, not the app. That x is pretty silly really and totally ignores the android UI gudelines.

This is why we root our phones, load custom ROMs, and terminate half-a$$ed programming with the help of tools fit for the job. Thanks Android Community! 


Spotify has determined that convenience is too good for the average user so do this: 


Settings -> Apps -> (Scroll one screen right) >  Press Spotify > STOP {mein fuhrer}

I just uninstalled the app from my Samsung S4. I just don't like the idea that we have to log out or do acrobatics in order to stop the music. I listen to my phone on the bus. Ever try to enter a password on the bus? 🙂  Hopefully Spotify will fix this eventually...

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