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unable to switch to wifi speaker

unable to switch to wifi speaker

Hi all,

I have problem with connection to wifi speaker.

I'm using MUZO on wifi and Spotify offers me more devices, but I can not run them.

Please see screen shot. "kocka" is wifi speaker, I can not run it from here..

It just simly plays on the background of my mobile.

I'm on Samsung Galaxy S6, Android 6.0.

Anyone has simmilar experiences?

Thanks a lot

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please anyone with this issue?

I assume you're talking about the Cobblestone Muzo. Have you checked that you have the latest firmware installed? Have you tried restarting your wireless router?

Hello Joe

Yes MUZO Cobblestone.

I have completely reinstaled wifi router due to this issue, but nothing changed.

I have instaled MUZO 2.8.170113, should be latest one.

Hello. All I can suggest is to contact the Cobblestone support team or post in their forums. I assume you do have a premium subscription (connect is only available tp premium subscribers).

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