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"Make Available Offline" Toggle Switch Missing - Android app

"Make Available Offline" Toggle Switch Missing - Android app

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Directions are not very clear (actually incorrect) on how to download a playlist that I found by browsing.  I spent the last three days trying to fumble around with this.  I guess you need to click "Follow" first?  And on albums, you need to click "Save" first before the "Make Available Offline" toggle swich is shown??


This is not intuitive AND it's not what it says here........!/article/Listen-offline


Did I miss something or not read it correctly?




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If it is an album or playlist you found from browse you want to offline you need to either save the album or add it to a playlist, and you need to follow the playlist then go to it in Your Music > Playlists to see the offline option.

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I was just wondering, does that apply to your own playlists from different people and music genres? I can't find the download offline even on other playlists. 

Hey @minironaldo any chance of a screen capture of a playlist where the "download" toggle is missing along with details of your device, android version and spotify version? Can you also confirm you have an active premium subscription, thanks.

​Well I can't tell you what version it is but I know everything should be
updated, and I have a Chromebook, not sure what model but I did receive it
last year.

The web player doesn't support offline playlists at all, sorry. Offline tracks will all need to be stored somewhere - e.g. on your Android's SD card - but browsers (and the Chromebook) don't have the ability to store that much data.

Alright, that's fine, thanks for taking your time to write back.

Hi, Joe. Just happened across this old thread and was hoping you could help me. I'm having the same issue. I have a Galaxy S6, the latest version of the Pandora app, and I do pay for premium. I attached a screenshot showing that I have no "offline" toggle. Thanks!

I know nothing about Pandora. Try the Pandora support forums.

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