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Unable to stream local music to Chromecast Audio

Unable to stream local music to Chromecast Audio

I synced a few tracks from my pc to my android spotify app as instructed, but when playing those songs in the app, the chromecast option is greyed out. As soon as I switch to a song that I stream from spotify, I can play it on chromecast.


Similarly, if my currently played music is cast to chromechast, when I switch to a local track, it gives me the error message "this content cannot be played on the current device."


Is this "normal"? Are the coders aware of this?

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The connect hardware device streams music direct from the spotify servers and not from yur mobile. For this reason, it can't stream local files.

Thanks for the reply. Will it never be a feature? I know a few apps that can stream local files via a UPNP/DLNA. It would be nice if Spotify had this, or if you could upload songs to your account like you can with Google Play.

I have no idea - spotify never makes its plans public but both DLNA and cloud storage seem pretty unlikely to me.

Thanks. It would be good, though, if they came up with a solution that enables wifi streaming a local file.

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