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Anyone else bored of spotify bugs?


Anyone else bored of spotify bugs?

  • Genuinely considering going back to using CD's instead of Spotify, havent used the app in two days because of how much trouble it causes me with never ending problems, I stopped using it in my car because it kept crashing every time I open it and made me late for work twice (this happens even when im connected to WiFi or on airplane mode). Not sure whether or not to just cancel now because this hasn't improved in a year and I just use CD's instead at the moment. In case it makes a difference i have a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus
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Yup. They came out with a new app, over a year ago, and have been fixing bugs ever since. My app still does not work properly. Constantly hanging and crashing. Each update fixes it a bit more and so a different bug hangs the app.

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