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Audio issue only on The Joe Rogan Experience

Audio issue only on The Joe Rogan Experience

It seems like something about the audio has changed on joe rogan experience. 

All other podcasts I have tried sounds perfect, but the Rogan podcast has a weird sound. Like they are too far away from the microphones or something. It used to sound fine but it has somehow changed, to me at least.


I tried listening on youtube and the audio there sounds perfect. 


Again, the podcast used to sound perfect but now it's changed. All other podcasts and music still sounds perfect. 


Anyone with the same issue?

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On my phone the audio is perfect but I am not able to watch the video.

Can you please check the video? Is it possible to watch? Thanks)))


This just happened to me yesterday and it’s still an issue. Did it end up resolving itself on your end? Anything I can do?

My issue is a bit different, about every 15 seconds podcast freezes for 5 seconds or so then resumes over and over.  This started a couple weeks ago first thought was something got messed up on a few streams but I have gone back to podcast I listened to before and they are the same now.  All other podcast play just fine, like something is throttling the download.

I was experiencing exactly the same issue on my Air Pods, it was using Spatialise stereo for this podcast. I turned it off and now it’s fine.





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