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Cross-Platform (Andriod & iOS) Inconsistencies


Cross-Platform (Andriod & iOS) Inconsistencies

For the past year or so now I've noticed a handful of inconsistencies between my Spotify app on my andriod and iphone, i didn't choose to speak about it until now. I really don't understand why Spotify Developers don't act like a team when it comes to the nitty gritty of Spotify's design language, maybe it doesn't **bleep** you off to realize that there are some andriod features missing on ios and also the other way around, why does andriod have a default widget when apple gets a scalable one? why is the like button missing on apple's mini player but isn't on andriod's? why does apple get a swipe down to access homepage from the now playing screen but andriod doesn't? why does both apps have a different color picker algorithms? why is there a visualizer on apple's but not on Android's and many more i could mention, noticing these things just makes me feel disappointed especially coming from a company as big as Spotify, i don't even notice issues like these on other apps like apple music, YouTube and many more.... Spotify please FIX THIS.

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