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Customize Daily Drive playlist...


Customize Daily Drive playlist...

I like the playlist generated for me called "Daily Drive" with one exception.  It's a talk program that I would love to remove.  I skip it every day.  I wish there was a way to pull that off.  Conversely, there are others that I would add to it.  

Also, it would be great if Spotify would rotate the songs it chooses for me on that playlist rather than the same songs every day.  There is slight variation.  But when I listen to it every day, it's too much of the same.  In general, it is a good idea that needs a little refining (like a lot of thoughts).

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I keep hearing the same songs in-between a couple podcasts. I really wish I could expand the lineup or mix it up. 

Same. I would like to remove TBOY LITE - I skip it every day but only after I realize it's been playing, so annoying. I otherwise love Daily Drive.

More music variety And change NPR news I skip it .

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