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Disable auto start on Bluetooth??


Disable auto start on Bluetooth??

When I connect to Bluetooth through my phone (Android version 12), the mobile Spotify app automatically loads itself AND starts playing -- even if the Spotify app was previously closed. 


This occurs even if the last app I used over Bluetooth was something different. For example, if I was listening to a podcast through another app and disconnect from the Bluetooth speakers, the next time I connect to the speakers, Spotify will automatically just start playing the second the connection is made. This is true even though the last app I was using was not Spotify plus the fact that Spotify was closed on my phone. There appears to be no way to stop this from happening. This problem has been discussed on this forum for YEARS and there appears to be no solution. 


Removing Spotify's ability to operate/play in the background is not an acceptable solution. That requires you to leave your screen unlocked and turned on at all times. 


This bug is extremely annoying. It appears that "delete the app" is basically the only solution. 



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I wish Spotify could open in the background! I want Spotify to launch and start playing every time I connect to my car's Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this is not possible for some reason. I've even tried to launch and play Spotify using MacroDroid, but Android prevents apps from launching Spotify in the background.

I agree - this is so frustrating and it's obvious they don't really care about our concerns.  I not only have this problem, but also, if I'm listening to something else through my headphones and close it, when I disconnect from Bluetooth Spotify launches itself and starts playing through my phones speaker.

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